DoubleYou, a forum for leading women, was founded by Tanya Chapman and Kathy Watt in 2017. Their vision is to connect a community of like-minded women, who share the importance of investing in personal and professional leadership development. The guiding values for this annual event is to inspire and support other women, to take risks and achieve results.

Kathy Watt

Kathy Watt is the President of K. Watt & Associates, and a licensee with LMI Canada. As a respected and results-oriented executive and leadership coach, Kathy has built an impressive roster of clients helping them to manage and expand their influence and their impact. As an international speaker, Kathy frequently presents on topics of change management, leadership and productivity.

Kathy is a contributing author to the international best seller, Dreaming Big, Being Bold. Her passion is to help people really understand themselves, to learn how to be at their best and achieve their highest version of themselves in life and in leadership.


Tanya Chapman 

Tanya Chapman is the President of The Chapman Group, a human resource management consulting company specializing in developing human resource strategy and planning, building human resource programs, leadership development, performance management and facilitating change.

Tanya has experience as an oil and gas executive, university lecturer and business owner. She is a facilitator, and works with individuals and teams to help them create focus and clarity to achieve their professional and personal goals. She has a passion for working with businesses and not for profit organizations to deliver sustainable change for our region, and is highly committed to leading with purpose.





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